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learning center Brooklyn, NY JEI Learning Center provides test prep and tutoring services in Bensonhurst located in Brooklyn, NY.  Our instructors take pride in teaching children based on the comprehension of concepts rather than the process of memorization through boring drills. 

Teaching based on this approach allows your child to grasp and retain information for longer periods of time, creating a lasting impact! This builds confidence and excitement as your child learns valuable lessons.  Our learning center specializes in creating the extremely important foundational knowledge base which will assist your child in successfully progressing through the school system.

We take pride in the way we teach our students.  We use proven teaching techniques that make learning fun and interesting for young children.  Our experienced teaching staff is committed to helping kids develop skills and knowledge that will be useful in their life.

We make our student's education our top priority.  We work with our students to develop skills that will help them in the future.  Our teaching staff uses a variety of methods to help kids develop strong learning and comprehension skills.

We can help with test prep!

test prep Brooklyn, NY

Our low student-to-teacher ratio maximizes individual attention for your child.  We have many different programs, workshops and test prep courses that cover a wide range of subject matter.  Proper test prep allows a child to feel prepared on a test and ultimately perform well.  Our afterschool program focuses specifically on supervised homework assistance as well as reviewing lessons taught during the school day in order to extend your child’s knowledge base. 

Our learning center offers tutoring services (either in group or individual settings) in a variety of subject areas such as Math, English and preparation for New York State ELA & Math, SHSAT, PSAT and OLSAT/NNAT exams.  We complement this with Reading & Writing programs that inspire our students to dive into great literature and produce thrilling writing of their own.

tutoring services Brooklyn, NY The services offered at our afterschool program cater to children that range in age from three through fourteen years old.  Our Lil’Genius program, is a specialized educational program that helps children (between the ages of three through five) improve critical thinking skills, creativity, and communications skills.  

This ultimately gives your child an excellent educational foundation to prepare him or her for their first year of school.  In addition to the tutoring services and educational courses, JEI Learning Center also offers Robotics Class as well as a program called “Fun Chess” which will teach your children critical thinking skills, enhance their ability to focus and develop strategies for life-long learning.  Call or visit our Brooklyn, NY, JEI Learning Center today to receive information on how to start your child on the educational path to success!

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JEI Math and English, OLSAT/NNAT Prep, Statewide ELA/Math Prep, PSAT/SHSAT Prep, Lil' Genius, Fun Chess, Art, Violin Class, Robotics Class, Reading and Writing, Individualized Tutoring.

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